Project GoPro - Everything You Need to Master Your GoPro

“Is it on? What the hell is this thing doing? What settings should I use? Why is it flashing? Where the f*#k is the manual?”

Instead I sat on YouTube for hours. Read what seemed like a never ending number of articles and forum threads, trying to get an idea of what settings to use.

“How do I mount my damn GoPro so I can look awesome riding my bike?!?! Why does their footage look so much better?”

After about 6 rides and going through hours of crappy footage I came to the gut wrenching conclusion…

Hey my names Travis and that little intro above was just one of stories I get to hear all the time.

I, Travis ( the guy behind ProjectGo.Pro) started this website about a year ago to help people learn how to use their GoPro cameras.

In doing so we quickly realized tons of people are having similar problems. I mean GoPro sells millions of these things and 95% of people are lacking just a few essential tips, that keep them from absolute video gold.

So in an effort to help you not completely waste that $400 investment, we set out to pull together a ton of questions and figure just what it takes to create amazing GoPro videos.

After months of learning, shooting, editing, cursing, deleting, charging, swimming, riding, and thinking of clever ways to remember things, we ended with this ebook of skills, tools and tips to help you capture your life and look badass doing it!

Everything really but most importantly it shows you exactly what it takes to understand your camera, plan out amazing videos and shoot like a pro.

So if you’re tired of the frustration your GoPro brings you? Not sure what to do with the footage...

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