Learn How to Draw Like a Pro With Online Drawing Lessons

Sharp pencils and correct pencil use: both techniques combined gave me sharper images, finer lines and made corrections easier. This method required more hand control and a longer time to complete – but the results were almost magical! Thanks for the awesome course.

Sarah, I got exactly what I wanted from this class and MORE! I realize now that my paintings never came to life because I never grasped the idea or use of tonal value.

I really appreciated the use of shapes in order to draw a dog. It was my first attempt since childhood! I surprised myself! How much easier it was to draw with that method in mind! I’m really enjoying the course because it requires me to take the time out of my life for art. As you stated, the more one practices, the better one becomes.

I wanted to share with you, the block in technique was quite an eye opener for me! As you rightly pointed out, I was one of those people who started their drawing, one detail at a time (e.g. in a portrait, I would tackle the hair, then eyes, then lips, neck and so forth). The block in technique is a really helpful and accurate way of getting the proportions right and giving the drawing a solid foundation! Look forward to your feedback! Thank you for your detailed feedback on my lesson four assignment. I really appreciate the specific pointers you gave me.

Sarah, what a fun class. I never leave home without my cell phone and my ipad. Now, I’m also adding my value scale! As an artist, you may not understand this, but I am a retired engineer and never even thought I had a right brain. So imagine the world that you’ve opened up...

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